Chadwick lived in the Houston for past 30 plus years and considered as a native of Houston. He is a born-again Christian who loves Lord Jesus Christ and his priority is God, family, church, and business in that order. 

Prior to his real estate, he is also served as a Merchant Marine traveled all over the world. He has a passion for flying fixed-wing and rotorcraft (Helicopter) and served in Air Force Auxiliary unit Civil Air Patrol. A true patriot and constitution conservative proud American. 

He began his career in the real estate profession in 2006. He offers superb service for the most discerning clientele. His expertise invites clients from around the US and other parts of the country. He specializes in various property types from regular homes to luxury homes including waterfront, gated communities, and property with private hangers and private Jets. Whether he representing a Buyer’s or Seller’s, he consistently provides each and every client with the at best service. He’s passionate about the real estate profession, which is a very demanding, full-time job, and his willingness to commit 200% to his clients in coaching and providing very helpful information to make their well-educated decision. Chadwick specializes in Houston’s most luxurious homes to regular homes in demanding neighborhoods, in Houston and surrounding areas. 

I do enjoy teaching and coaching new realtors to help them step by step process in their foundation in building their business to succeed ethically, professionally with integrity. 


He also does serve to celebrate recovery in helping others to kick habit any kind of addictions with separate them from God.


·         NAR Member (National Association of Realtors) Since 2006

·         HAR Member (Houston Association of Realtors) Since 2006

·         Licensed by Real Estate Commission in Texas Since 2006

·         Licensed American Pilot Since – 2008

·         Recovering Alcoholic Since 01-02-2003 (please let me know If I could be of any help to your loved one and or friends).