Welcome to the Texas United Realty family! 

I’m originally a Midwest transplant.  I relocated to the Houston area 11 years ago.  I have two young adult children ages 20 and 22.  Prior to working in Real Estate, I worked in the Medical Field for 13 years as a Medical Assistant, Social Media Manager, and a Community Liaison.  The common denominator in both fields is my love for people.  I have a deep desire to encourage, build up, educate, and motivate people.  I love to see people WIN!  I have multiple years of experience working with buyers, sellers, and tenants.  The part that I love most is when my clients claim me as “their Realtor!”  When this happens it means that they view me as a trusted advisor, and will entrust their loved ones to me for my help!  As your mentor, I will freely share all of my expertise, and some of my experiences to help guide you in the best way possible.  I look forward to making sure that you are able to successfully jump into Real Estate with your eyes wide open and your feet firmly planted on the ground.  I look forward to helping you achieve your personal goals in this business, whatsoever those may be!   

Tanya Smith, CCPE



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